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"Aiming to set the bar high with a live behemoth of ampage, backed by a custom light show, SAINTS of DEATH are pushing forward to take on the biggest stages and crowds and win over fans who enjoy headbanging to such bands as Black Sabbath, Lamb of God, Overkill, Motorhead, and Pantera.."


- Maximum Volume Music-

“Vancouver, BC's Saints Of Death (a name inspired by the Mexican folklore of Santa Muerte - Spanish for Holy Death) have posted a new lyric video for their track "Angels & Demons", which is one of five annihilating thrashing death tracks on their recently released debut self-titled EP.”



“Made up of veterans of the Canadian scene, this new band has singer that was asked to be in WWE. Eeek.”

                              Andy Thorley –

“Fronted by vocalist and eight string bassist Twan Holliday - a giant standing nearly 7’ foot tall who can also be recognized for his acting credits in Hollywood movies and pro wrestling - Saints Of Death is joined by four string bassist Darren Morris, guitarist Phil Henri ,and Christopher James on drums to complete a ferocious line up that will be unleashing a self-titled debut EP on September 25, 2015.”

                      August 28, 2015 – xFiruath –

Saints Of Death Absolute Underground Interview 2015

Interview by André Laniel

Absolute Underground: Who does what in the band?

Saints Of Death: Twan Holliday does vocals and plays eight-string bass, Phill Henri plays guitar, Christopher James plays drums, and our newest addition, Stony Gingras, plays five-string bass.

AU: How did Saints Of Death start?

SOD: Twan, Phill and Chris, being long-time friends

and tourmates, decided to form after Twan and Phil put their successful Motorhead tribute band to rest in

order to start working on original material. They had a couple of riffs and Chris, who had toured with the guys (but not played with them), decided to jam and put his twist on the songs, completing a solid writing lineup.

AU: What’s the challenge with having two basses in the band?

SOD: The main challenge with having two basses playing in the band was in finding each other’s tones. Although they are different types of basses, if we aren’t careful, we will have overlapping frequencies, making certain notes oversaturated and distorted. It really took us a long time to balance everything out and find out where each member fits.

AU: What inspires the music of the band?

SOD: The world; we’re expressing our views on the problems in today’s society. The raw power of metal and playing live is our addiction, so we choose to express our views through metal.

AU: You have a new demo out, what was the mood when you guys recorded the songs?

SOD: We were excited to be in the studio and

finally recording the material we have been working on for a year. We really wanted to show the world what we created.

AU: Is there a link between the songs?

SOD: No, all our songs seem to stand alone. Although some of them have similar concepts or structures, they all are fairly unique.

AU: You have five songs on the demo, are there other songs that were not recorded?

SOD: Yeah, we have two songs that were written before we went into the studio, but got left off the EP. They are really awesome songs, but we had to be selective. We also have two new songs that we have written after the studio, so in total we have four songs that have yet to be recorded. Right now, you can check them out by coming to one of our tour dates this fall.

AU: What can we expect from SOD on stage?

SOD: You can expect A LOT of amps, noise, lights, blood & Metal.

AU: What’s to come for Saints Of Death?

SOD: We are doing this batch of touring in September, then we’re going to take some time to write and record some tracks for the full-length album. Hopefully we will have some time to do a music video as well before tour season starts back up again next year! Beyond that, we hope to be touring and travelling as much as possible, and hopefully sharing the stage with some awesome bands.

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