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SAINTS of DEATH 1st ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT in support of the Vancouver Children's Hospital.


How does this work.... ? Well, thanks for askin'

You pay your $20 dollar entry fee which goes directly to the BC Children's Hospital account. We do Not keep a Penny for promotions or any other costs. 100% of your donations go to the Children's Hospital.

After you Pay your Entry Fee and get registered, You can then play a round of golf on your Favourite local course from AUG 1st to AUG 15th, 2023. Keep track of your score, post Pics & Videos of your fun day & post your score card on our FB events page & our web page.

At the end of the tournament the winning results will be posted on our FB page & our website.

We have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, place prizes Donated by Celebrities in Pro Wrestling, Actors in TV / Movies & Musicians PLUS a special Thank You gift pack for everyone who participates ...

It's for the sick kids ...You are already going to shoot a round of golf ... Pry open the wallet and donate $20 bux and see if you have what it takes to beat some of the best talent in our tournament.

Rules of Engagement :

1 -Pay entry Fee directly to the BC Children's Hospital at the same time it registers you with us then you are ready to play 18 holes of golf on your Favourite course between August 1st & August 15th 2023.

2 - NO AGENDA , NO Hate Speech , NO Bulling & NO disrespecting any of the participants. We will not put up with this silliness & You will be blocked with no refund.

3 - Since you are paying an entry fee on a golf tournament this is NOT a tax write off. I repeat ..It is NOT a Tax write Off.

4 - Get your ass out there and have some fun ....Show the world how good or fun you are to play with on an 18 hole golf Tournament. Post Pic's & Video's on our FB events page and our web page. (

5 - Any questions feel free to Contact us directly and we will be happy to Help.

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